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Existing Members: Please see the schedule below for 2017 fees starting from April 2017.

New Members: We are recruiting new members - get in touch.  Crewing: There are crewing opportunities at Wakefield Sailing Club so if you are looking for crew or want to try your hand crewing then get in touch.  Here is the WSC membership form (in .pdf format).

Parking Fees:  All users of Pugneys Country Park now have to pay for parking - there is no longer a waiver for watersports users.

WSC membership, boat storage, sailing and parking fees

STOP PRESS  -  From Saturday 1st April 2017, members will have to pay at Pugneys reception for their boat launched that day This is £4.20 for a single-handed boat and £4.90 for a double-handed boat (with a crew of two).  If you have the pass for 'unlimited launching and unlimited parking at Pugneys' you are already covered for these fees. The new unlimited fee is £205 per year and runs from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

Annual Membership: The WSC membership year runs from 1st October - 30th September with membership fees payable to the WSC Treasurer, Graham Bromley.

Type of membership

Annual cost

Individual adult member


Family membership (member, partner & children under 18)



Boat Storage: Because storage space is at a premium, members storing a boat on site must sail the boat a minimum of 5 race days a year to continue to use the space, as agreed at the WSC 2012 Annual General Meeting.  The annual fee for boat storage is £133 for single-handed boats and £144.50 for double-handed boats (from April 2017) and is payable in April each year.  WSC pass on all boat storage fees to Wakefield Council whose financial year is April to March.

Boat Storage Limits: Mono-hulls only, maximum storage length 16 feet.  If there is no on-site space available, members need to make their own boat storage arrangements.

 Race-Day Launches:  (From 1st April 2017.)

Type of dinghy

Cost per day

Single-handed boat


Double-handed boat



On-Site Stored Boats:  Members with on-site boat storage must pay for storage plus a minimum of 15 race-day launches per year, as per the rates above.  Members thus pay for boat storage and 15 launches as one package.  Example: An individual member storing a Laser (single handed): £133 plus (15 * £4.20) £63 for a total of £196.

Members who store their boats on site pay for any extra launches (above the paid-for 15 launches) at the race-day rate. 

Club Boats & Off-Site Stored Boat Launches:  If you use a WSC club boat or bring your own boat that is stored outside of Pugneys, you should pay the fee to the Treasurer/available Committee Member on the launch day (unless alternative payment arrangements have been agreed), at the race-day rate.

Members using club boats are requested to make a donation to club funds as a contribution towards maintenance.

Non-Race Day Launches: All launches of boats by members on non-race days are payable direct to Pugneys Country Park at their reception desk, as above.

2017-2018 Annual Parking Pass:  Pugneys reception offers a year-long unlimited parking pass for £70 that runs from 1st April to 31st March each year.  WSC members who plan to visit the park frequently can save money using this annual parking pass.  If you buy an annual parking pass after 1st April, a reduced, pro-rated fee applies.

2017-2018 Combined Annual Parking and Sailing Pass:  Pugneys reception offer a second type of annual pass combining multiple boat launches and unlimited parking for £205 per year from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.  WSC members who sail frequently (especially in view of the extended Summer afternoon race schedule) can save money using this combined pass versus paying individually for parking and sailing.  Please note that if you store your boat in the WSC yard at Pugneys, you still have to pay a storage fee.



Updated: 19th March 2017 / RT

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